Anthony Amado Alumni of Alpha Kappa PSI Continues to Give

12/23/2013 –┬áBeing in a fraternity is more than just parties. A fraternity gives members the opportunity to belong to a group of like-minded individuals. For the members of Alpha Kappa PSI Fraternity, this means those that are seeking a career in the business world.

Fraternities also work together to give back. Developing leadership skills is one of the most important goals of a fraternity. Part of being a leader is helping those that need it. That is what Alpha Kappa PSI Alumni Anthony Amado tries to do. Through donations to organizations such as the Mya Lin Terry Foundation, The Greenwich House, Heartshare Human Services of New York, Hurricane Sandy victims and more, Anthony Amado helps those that need it.

Overcoming the reputation of being all about parties, is just one reason fraternities like Alpha Kappa PSI teach members about the importance of giving back. The fraternity evne has a foundation which distributes grants and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students.

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