Anthony Amado Competed in Spartan Race

01/20/2014 – Being successful in the business world does help when someone is in top shape mentally and physically. Anthony Amado knows the importance of being in top physical and mental shape and the positive affect it has on work, and life in and outside the office.

Obstacle course races like the Super Spartan race are gaining in popularity across the county. Obstacle course races require extreme mental and physical focus and commitment. The races require more the just running. The races include multiple obstacles that must be completed in a variety of weather and ground conditions, all while being timed as well.

For participants like Anthony Amado, a race like the Spartan race is a huge challenge mentally and physically. The race is also more than that. The extreme mental and physical challenge that comes from the race helps to build character and stamina that can be beneficial in the racers personal and professional lives. For more information about Spartan Races visit

Anthony encourages everyone who has the opportunity to attempt such challenges do so this year in 2014. Having something to work towards by training hard and building up endurance is equivalant to preparing for success. Challening your mind and body and achieving positive results is the foundation to your future as an business owner.

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