Anthony Amado Discusses the Price Hike in Amazon Prime Memberships

Bergen County, NJ -03/13/2014

Amazon Prime has announced a raise in membership prices. The price hike is only half as much as the company previously said it would be. The price was raised from $79 annually to $99 annually. For Amazon Prime customer Anthony Amado, this is a reasonable increase. “I rely on Prime for all my media, movies, TV shows, etc. And the two shipping at no extra cost when I order from Amazon is a huge bonus!” Anthony Amado said.

Officials at Amazon blamed the reason for the increase on rising fuel and shipping costs. The benefits of the membership have also increased. Amazon is now offering free shipping on 19 million items.

By increasing prices, Amazon is able to think about adding new services such as same-day delivery and expanding into new ventures, such as online grocery sales. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, Amazon offers Prime Fresh, a grocery delivery service that costs $299 a year and includes a Prime membership.

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