Anthony Amado Donated to Mya Lin Terry Foundation

12/17/2013 – Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma accounts for 4% of all cancers. Approximately 69,740 people are diagnosed each year. The cancer is the third most common type of cancer to affect children.

One child affected by Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was Mya Lin Terry. Mya battled the disease for 5 and half years before passing away in April, 2013. Mya’s illness meant huge doctor bills, not to mention the cost of traveling, housing and other expenses that no family can ever begin to plan or recover from. Donors from near and far were able to reach out and support the family due to the popular website, Anthony Amado was one of those donors that gave selflessly to Mya Lin Terry shortly before Mya passed away.

Like many other families of children that had cancer or other serious illness, a foundation was started for Mya Lin Terry. Anthony Amado encourages others to donate to the foundation,, and to those of other children as well.

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