Anthony Amado Expresses Condolences for Fort Hood

Bergen County, NJ -04/03/2014

“There was another shooting”. That phrase is one that is said all too often by newscasters these days. Another shooting at the military base Fort Hood brings up many questions says Anthony Amado.

School shootings bring up a whole set of questions and discussions. Are kids playing too many violent video games? What can be done to stop bullying? Shootings involving adults, more specifically those committed by trained military personnel bring up a whole other set of questions and discussion.

“What type of support, testing, treatment is being provided for soldiers returning from combat”? Anthony Amado asks. New recruits go through extensive basic training, followed by specialized training before deployment. But what about when those same men and women return home?

Combat is gruesome, exhausting and life changing. However there are is little to be done to help the men and women, and the families waiting at home to adjust to life back home. Maybe that is in an area that needs some evaluating. Maybe changing the process for servicemen and women upon arrival home would change the gun violence being seen on military bases.

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