Anthony Amado Expresses Opinion of Safety of the Sochi Games

Bergen County, NJ -02/05/2014

The Olympics are an exciting time. A historic event meant to bring together the top athletes from across the globe to compete in tests of strength, endurance and perseverance. However many US citizens, like New Jersey’s Anthony Amado have a different feeling about this year’s games in Sochi.

A recent CNN poll found that 57% of American’s believe there will be some sort of terror attack at or near the Sochi games this month. 51% of American’s were worried about a terrorist attack at the Atlanta games in 1996 and unfortunately that came true.

New Jersey resident Anthony Amado isn’t sure what to think about all of the media hype surrounding the games. Being from New Jersey, Anthony was a bit worried about an attack during the Super Bowl last week, especially after the media released polls stating that other American’s felt the same way, but luckily that didn’t happen.

Russian officials have assured everyone that the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure safety at the Sochi Games. Government officials have created a steel ring of “safety” surrounding the Olympic area, complete with armed guards, guns and other protective measures.

For Anthony Amado and other American’s worried about an attack, there isn’t much anyone can do but wait and hope for the best. President Obama has assured American’s that the US will also be supporting the Russians security teams.

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