Anthony Amado Helped Strangers Recover from Hurricane Sandy

12/11/2013 – In October 2012 the east coast of the United States was ravaged by the devastating affects of Hurricane Sandy. Homes and businesses were destroyed. Amidst the destruction, volunteers emerged to help others recover from the super storm.

For many people like Kurt from South Jersey, Hurricane Sandy caused major home damages, resulting in massive cleanup efforts. Kurt put out word to friends for help cleaning up. Friends of Kurt showed up, bringing other friends along as well. Anthony Amado, of New Jersey was one of those friends that showed up to help clean up a stranger’s home.

Carrying mattresses soaked in seawater and sewage is not a fun task, but something that Anthony Amado did selflessly for multiple strangers, following the devastation of Sandy. Anthony also assisted at the home of someone who lived next door to a sewage plant. The water from the plant backed up into the home during the flooding. Anthony Amado spent the day digging through a stranger’s sewage soaked possessions, looking for things that were salvageable.

Kurt, who benefited from the compassion and selflessness of Anthony Amado said: “these selfless acts can only be characteristics of a gentleman of the highest character and my family and I will always be grateful that Anthony Amado is the type of person that would drop everything to help complete strangers. I would put Anthony’s character up against anyone I know”.

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