Anthony Amado Inspired by Strength of a Dying Girl

12/27/2013 – Anthony Amado, among thousands of others who were touched by the last wish of a young girl. Laney Brown, 8 years old, was stricken with terminal leukemia. Laney’s wish was for country super star Taylor Swift and others to come sing Christmas Carols at Laney’s house.

That is just what happened. On Friday, which was Laney’s birthday, Taylor Swift chatted with Laney on FaceTime. On Saturday night people gathered at Laney’s Pennsylvania home to sing. First there were hundreds of people, soon there were 10,000.

Laney was too weak to come to the window, but could hear the singers outside. Even Santa came to sing to Laney. For Anthony Amado it was beautiful to see someone like Taylor Swift set aside a personal ego agenda to give love and support to a dying young girl. Anthony Amada said everybody should think of others, especially the less fortunate and make it a New Year’s resolution to pay it forward.

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