Anthony Amado Knows the Importance of Staying Motivated

01/07/2014 – Starting out in any career can be challenging. Struggling with new challenges can often be a blow to a person’s self-confidence. Anthony Amado knows that especially as a young businessperson, staying motivated to succeed makes all the difference.

The work force gets more and more competitive each year for college graduates. There are more people each year fighting to fill less and less open positions. It can be easy to feel like giving up is the only option. But those that stay motivated and persevere through the tough first years, will come out much stronger on the other side.

Staying motivated may sound easier than it is though. For Anthony Amado, staying motivated, as a young businessperson was made easier by networking. Networking with colleagues in a similar place career wise was key in Anthony Amado knowing that other people were also fighting the same battle.

Networking with seasoned veterans in the business world is also key to staying motivated. For Anthony Amado networking and connecting with people who had already “been there, done that”, provided inspiration and motivation that success is possible with hard work.

Finding motivation as a young business person and now throughout a busy career led Anthony Amado to motivation speaker Eric Thomas. Motivation speakers can provide insight and thoughts that might otherwise not be viewed as helpful. More information about Eric Thomas can be found at

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