Anthony Amado Talks about 2014 Super Bowl and Pending Winter Weather

Bergen County, NJ -01/24/2014

There is no telling what the weather will do these days. That is something folks on the east coast of the United States know all to well.  Super Storm Sandy was a different beast than what the coast is experiencing lately. Anthony Amado, a resident of New Jersey isn’t sure what to think about what has become the new “normal” for the east coast.

There is a big event happening soon, that might also be affected the recent snow and cold hitting the coast. The 2014 Super Bowl will be held at an uncovered stadium for the first time this year. NFL officials have put in place some contingency plans which allow for the game to be played anytime between Friday January 31 and Monday February 3rd if need be.

New Jersey residents, including Anthony Amado are excited about the event coming to New Jersey. But people are a little concerned what do if the weather causes problems with that many out of state visitors. Security is another issue also facing the Super Bowl and those planning for the event. But for now, everyone will keep an eye on the weather and hope for the best!

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