Anthony Amado Talks About a Company’s Right to Read Emails

Bergen County, NJ -03/24/2014

Many companies like Google, Apple and Yahoo continue to defend the right to read customer emails if needed. Microsoft recently had to utilize rights to access customer’s emails after it was suspected that a former employee had leaked software information to a blogger, with possibilities of plans to sell that software.

A lot of people are angry and feel it is a breach of privacy for companies to access e-mails, instant messages and other content. Anthony Amado says “I understand the need for companies to have access to user content, but at the same time it is a little unsettling too.”

The idea of media companies being able to access information upsets a lot of people. But what people forget is that user agreement before the little “I Agree” checkbox, actually states that companies have the right, in extreme situations to access user content.

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