Anthony Amado Talks About a Polio Free India

Bergen County, NJ -03/27/2014

The World Health Organization has announced that India, along with Southeast Asia, is polio free. Both areas have been without a polio diagnosis for the last 3 years. Only five years ago India was home to almost half of the global polio cases.

India was thought to be one of the most technically challenging places to eradicate polio because of sanitation issues and a highly dense population. Anthony Amado of the United States is happy to hear that another country has been cleared of the unfortunate disease. “The World Health Organization did exactly what it was supposed to and helped the people of India and Southeast Asia in eradicating this horrible disease” Anthony Amado said.

It took the WHO time to realize that the population most unreached was that of migrant children. After getting the vaccine to children of migrant workers, often in remote locations, eventually the disease was able to be controlled and eventually stopped.

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