Anthony Amado Talks about Finding a Doctor With An Obamacare Plan

Bergen County, NJ -03/20/2014

For a lot of people Obamacare means finally having access to reasonably priced health coverage. But for many people that coverage also means not having a choice of medical provider. Anthony Amado has heard stories of people that have to travel long distances to see a doctor that fits the plan.

Having affordable health insurance is great, but is it really a benefit to people who have to drive hours to see a doctor? What are people supposed to do in a an emergency situation if the nearest doctor on the plan is over an hour away?

Many people are finding that the penalty fee for not having insurance, is cheaper than a monthly insurance premium, so are opting to pay the fee instead. Anthony Amado from New Jersey found the online marketplace easy to navigate, but was a bit disappointed with the choices in plans. Luckily for Anthony Amado, living in a large city means having access to a doctor within the plans limitations.

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