Anthony Amado Talks about Governor Christie Investigation

01/21/2014 - Today marks the first day of the second term for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie faces many hurdles as this new term begins. Multiple investigations into the governor and other political aides are at the forefront of what the Governor has to battle at the start of this term.

The U.S. Attorney and senate committees are looking into reports that Christie’s team may have been involved in some political bullying around the dispersal of Super Storm Sandy funds. There are allegations of political payback scandals as well.

One of the allegations suggests that traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee last year was orchestrated by aides from Christie’s office. Speculation is that the traffic jams were supposed to be punishing the mayor of that town for not endorsing Christie for reelection.

Christie is a potential presidential candidate for 2016. Anthony Amado says that could all change, depending on how the investigations into the allegations come out.  Anthony remains unbiased because until the investigations are complete, there are no facts, everything is just speculation.

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