Anthony Amado Talks about Jimmy Fallon

Bergen County, NJ -02/19/2014

For fans of late night television, a new era has begun. Jimmy Fallon took over as host of the Tonight Show on NBC last night.  Jimmy Fallon took over for the on again, off again host, Jay Leno. Late night TV fan Anthony Amado was excited for a new face on the show and says it’s worth it to stay up late to watch Fallon on the show.

There was a star studded list of guests for the Fallon’s first show on Monday night including, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Rudy Guliani and Mike Tyson. The star filled shows will continue this week with guests like Jerry Seinfeld, Justin Timberlake and Michelle Obama.

The show is taking place in New York for the first time since Johnny Carson moved the show to Los Angeles in 1972.

Fans like Anthony Amado are excited about a change for the show. Previous host Jay Leno’s interviews lacked in content and the jokes were predictable. People loved Leno but overall people are excited for a new face for the show.

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