Anthony Amado Talks About Making Changes That Last

01/17/2014 – Making positive changes personally and professionally, that last can be a challenge. Anthony Amado talks about some helpful tips to making 2014 the best year it can be. Small changes can produce big results, so making small goals can help in achieving the bigger goals.

Anthony Amado says first people should focus on a few small “micro-resolutions”, instead of trying to tackle all of the big things at once. For example weight loss. Focus on cutting out soda first, rather than focusing on how many pounds need to go. Another example is if the goal is more clients in 2014, focus on just one marketing tactic, instead of a whole new marketing plan right away.

People react well to success. Anthony Amado points out that bonus of “mico-resolutions” is that the payoff is right away. Seeing success right away will empower people to keep going and make more small goals.

Anthony Amado reminds people that it can take time for any new change to feel comfortable and become routine. It is said that it can take up to 21 days for a new activity to become a habit. The most important thing is not giving up, but staying focused on creating new “micro-resolutions”.

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