Anthony Amado Talks About The Future for Tiger Woods

Bergen County, NJ -04/02/2014

Professional golfer Tiger Woods will be missing the Masters tournament for the first time since the golfer went pro in 1996. Wood’s is missing the tournament this year due to recent surgery for a pinched nerve. Golf fans like Anthony Amado wonder what this means for Wood’s career.

A golfer tends to have a longer career than other professional athletes. But to miss a major tournament, especially as an “older” player, could be detrimental to the rest of Tiger’s career. Having won 11 majors since starting out, Tiger has been without a major’s win in the past six years.

Reporters asked Wood’s what the future will hold and Tiger had this to say: “I’m not going to beat Arnold’s record,” Woods insisted, drawing laughter from the media. “I’m not playing that long. You know me. I always want to win. So if I can’t win, why tee it up?”.

Time will tell what the future will look like for golf pro Tiger Woods. As for this year, the Master’s are out of the picture.

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