Anthony Amado Talks about the Importance of “Unplugging”

Bergen County, NJ -03/10/2014

E-mail, text messages, video chat, social media and more. The more technology evolves, the more and more second nature it becomes for people to always be connected. Those in the business world are pushing back though. People like Anthony Amado are realizing the importance of “unplugging” and getting away from all of the technology at times.

For busy people with a lot of responsibility like Anthony Amado, being connected to everything by a smartphone is very important. But it can be very distracting. Having access to e-mail, social media, texts and phone calls at any moment, also means being available to others at any moment. For Anthony Amado that can often mean getting interrupted during “off the clock” time.

Many high level CEO’s are finding the importance and the benefit of taking time to “unplug” from technology. To be a successful businessperson means to have time to develop new ideas. Unplugging allows people that time away from distractions to actually get work done, instead of always just taking care of what is happening at that moment.

“Unplugging” is also important for a person’s sanity. People need time away from a screen to rejuvenate, spend time with family and friends and just be present. Technology is amazing, but there is great importance in stepping away and pressing “ignore” or “silent” once and while.

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