Anthony Amado Talks about The Need for a Minimum Wage Increase

Bergen County, NJ -03/07/2014

More and more people are living off of minimum wage these days. Needing to survive, most of those people also rely on government aid such as food stamps, WIC and housing allowances. An increase in the federal minimum wage could do so much more than just put more money in people’s pockets.

As someone who volunteers in the community, New Jersey resident Anthony Amado has seen first hand what life is like for people living on minimum wage jobs. “I’ve served food for people who have to eat at a soup kitchen to get by, I’ve put change in the cups people are holding on the streets”, Anthony Amado said.

Raising the minimum wage would mean that some people could get off of government programs, which would mean less money would need to go into government programs. It would mean people would have more money to spend, which would help stimulate local economies.

Having more money would also mean less stress for someone people, which would potentially lower medical costs, crime rates and other situations that are a result of stress. Overall, a raise in the federal minimum wage would do more good than bad for this country.

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