Anthony Amado Talks about the Upcoming World Cup

Bergen County, NJ -04/24/2014

Still 50 days away, this year’s World Cup Soccer tournament is sure to be an event not to miss. “It only happens ever four years! If I could be there in person I totally would” says avid soccer fan Anthony Amado. The World Cup this year will be in Brazil.

Brazil hasn’t hosted the World Cup since 1954. This year is sure to be a spectacle. While “football” didn’t get its start in Brazil, Brazilians are known for a love and skill of the sport. Brazil remodeled or built new stadiums for a total of 5 new playing arenas. “An entire month of watching soccer! It’s so hard to get anything else done, but a guy has to work!” says Anthony Amado.

With the price of international travel a bit more than most can afford, many like Anthony Amado from New Jersey, will be watching the World Cup from the comfort of home. But like the Super Bowl, many will gather with friends and fans alike to cheer on the team of choice!

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