Anthony Amado Weighs in on Medical Marijuana

Bergen County, NJ -03/06/2014

Things are changing, big time. 20 U.S. states now allow marijuana to be sold and used for medicinal purposes. Two states allow the sale and use of marijuana recreationally. More and more states are talking about allowing it for medicinal or recreational use. Those advocating for looser restrictions seem to be in the majority and have the advantage currently.

The marijuana debate brings up many questions and people stand on all sides of the issue. New Jersey resident Anthony Amado thinks that it should be left up to states to decide to how to handle the substance.

“There is obvious research that points to the medical benefits of marijuana. I think states should have the right to choose how to handle the substance.” Amado stated.

“A lot of people just began to relax and see the sky’s not going to fall. All we’re doing is moving a booming market from the underground to the legal world,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance.

The federal government is also seeing growing pressure to change the classification of the drug from Schedule 1 controlled substance. But there is also plenty of backlash to be found on that topic as well.

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