Anthony Amado’s Thoughts on New Boston Marathon Policies

Bergen County, NJ -03/03/2014

Since the bombing at the Boston Marathon last year, racers have seen stricter rules and new policies in place at races across the country. For Anthony Amado from New Jersey this has meant being more careful about what comes along in the race bag, as a lot of basic items are now being banned. Some races are handing out clear bags that racers must use for all personal belongings.

The Boston Marathon has taken things a step further this year. Organizers have banned a long list of items for this year’s race including bags (backpacks, etc) and strollers. Containers of liquid larger than 1 liter, costumes that cover the face and bulky clothes like vests with pockets have always been banned.

Organizers have also put an end to unregistered runners and bikers jumping into the race along the route. For Anthony Amado this might be the most disappointing change. “Having the support of others and knowing that anyone can come along for moral support can really be a game changer out there, but that can’t happen this year” Amado explained.

Race organizers stress the changes are for the safety of everyone involved. After what happened last year nobody wants to take any chances.

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