Anthony Amado’s Thoughts on the Southeast Snow Storm

Bergen County, NJ -02/13/2014

Massive amounts of snow and ice are pummeling the east coast once again. The weather isn’t stopping there; parts of the southeast, as far south as Georgia are getting hit as well. While the snow may look pretty, the ice on the other hand is wreaking havoc for many, especially stranded motorists.

For many people the snow and ice are a pain. Federal offices have closed for the day due to the massive storms. But for some people, like New Jersey’s Anthony Amado, the snow is a welcomed. Anthony Amado is an avid snowboarder and would love to have this kind of weather every winter.

While the snow is fun for those that like to enjoy the outdoors, such as Anthony Amado, and those that got the day off from work. But for those stranded because of the ice and snow, or without electricity, the weather is not welcomed.

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