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Anthony Amado Talks about Finding a Doctor With An Obamacare Plan

Bergen County, NJ -03/20/2014

For a lot of people Obamacare means finally having access to reasonably priced health coverage. But for many people that coverage also means not having a choice of medical provider. Anthony Amado has heard stories of people that have to travel long distances to see a doctor that fits the plan.

Having affordable health insurance is great, but is it really a benefit to people who have to drive hours to see a doctor? What are people supposed to do in a an emergency situation if the nearest doctor on the plan is over an hour away?

Many people are finding that the penalty fee for not having insurance, is cheaper than a monthly insurance premium, so are opting to pay the fee instead. Anthony Amado from New Jersey found the online marketplace easy to navigate, but was a bit disappointed with the choices in plans. Luckily for Anthony Amado, living in a large city means having access to a doctor within the plans limitations.

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Anthony Amado Discusses the Price Hike in Amazon Prime Memberships

Bergen County, NJ -03/13/2014

Amazon Prime has announced a raise in membership prices. The price hike is only half as much as the company previously said it would be. The price was raised from $79 annually to $99 annually. For Amazon Prime customer Anthony Amado, this is a reasonable increase. “I rely on Prime for all my media, movies, TV shows, etc. And the two shipping at no extra cost when I order from Amazon is a huge bonus!” Anthony Amado said.

Officials at Amazon blamed the reason for the increase on rising fuel and shipping costs. The benefits of the membership have also increased. Amazon is now offering free shipping on 19 million items.

By increasing prices, Amazon is able to think about adding new services such as same-day delivery and expanding into new ventures, such as online grocery sales. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, Amazon offers Prime Fresh, a grocery delivery service that costs $299 a year and includes a Prime membership.

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Anthony Amado Weighs in on Missing Malaysia Flight 370

Bergen County, NJ -03/11/2014

How does a commercial airplane full of passengers just disappear? It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. Unfortunately for the families of the 239 passengers aboard the flight, it is more of a horror story. The aircraft was last seen on Sunday hundreds of miles from the regular path the plane should have been taking.

For many people, the first thought is an act of terrorism is the cause. Anthony Amado first thought this when hearing about the disappearance of the Malaysian flight. “I didn’t want to jump to the conclusion, but with the way the world is right now, it is hard not to think of that scenario first”, said Anthony Amado.

CIA, International officials and the Malaysian government have no reason to suspect terrorism, but at this point aren’t ruling anything out. The focus right now is combing hundreds of miles of land and sea, searching for any sign of the missing flight.

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Anthony Amado Talks about the Importance of “Unplugging”

Bergen County, NJ -03/10/2014

E-mail, text messages, video chat, social media and more. The more technology evolves, the more and more second nature it becomes for people to always be connected. Those in the business world are pushing back though. People like Anthony Amado are realizing the importance of “unplugging” and getting away from all of the technology at times.

For busy people with a lot of responsibility like Anthony Amado, being connected to everything by a smartphone is very important. But it can be very distracting. Having access to e-mail, social media, texts and phone calls at any moment, also means being available to others at any moment. For Anthony Amado that can often mean getting interrupted during “off the clock” time.

Many high level CEO’s are finding the importance and the benefit of taking time to “unplug” from technology. To be a successful businessperson means to have time to develop new ideas. Unplugging allows people that time away from distractions to actually get work done, instead of always just taking care of what is happening at that moment.

“Unplugging” is also important for a person’s sanity. People need time away from a screen to rejuvenate, spend time with family and friends and just be present. Technology is amazing, but there is great importance in stepping away and pressing “ignore” or “silent” once and while.

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Anthony Amado Talks about The Need for a Minimum Wage Increase

Bergen County, NJ -03/07/2014

More and more people are living off of minimum wage these days. Needing to survive, most of those people also rely on government aid such as food stamps, WIC and housing allowances. An increase in the federal minimum wage could do so much more than just put more money in people’s pockets.

As someone who volunteers in the community, New Jersey resident Anthony Amado has seen first hand what life is like for people living on minimum wage jobs. “I’ve served food for people who have to eat at a soup kitchen to get by, I’ve put change in the cups people are holding on the streets”, Anthony Amado said.

Raising the minimum wage would mean that some people could get off of government programs, which would mean less money would need to go into government programs. It would mean people would have more money to spend, which would help stimulate local economies.

Having more money would also mean less stress for someone people, which would potentially lower medical costs, crime rates and other situations that are a result of stress. Overall, a raise in the federal minimum wage would do more good than bad for this country.

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Anthony Amado Weighs in on Medical Marijuana

Bergen County, NJ -03/06/2014

Things are changing, big time. 20 U.S. states now allow marijuana to be sold and used for medicinal purposes. Two states allow the sale and use of marijuana recreationally. More and more states are talking about allowing it for medicinal or recreational use. Those advocating for looser restrictions seem to be in the majority and have the advantage currently.

The marijuana debate brings up many questions and people stand on all sides of the issue. New Jersey resident Anthony Amado thinks that it should be left up to states to decide to how to handle the substance.

“There is obvious research that points to the medical benefits of marijuana. I think states should have the right to choose how to handle the substance.” Amado stated.

“A lot of people just began to relax and see the sky’s not going to fall. All we’re doing is moving a booming market from the underground to the legal world,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance.

The federal government is also seeing growing pressure to change the classification of the drug from Schedule 1 controlled substance. But there is also plenty of backlash to be found on that topic as well.

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Anthony Amado Weighs In on NFL Extra Point Kick Discussions

Bergen County, NJ -03/05/2014

The NFL Competition Committee has been discussing changing the distance of the extra point kick. The committee is talking about placing the ball at the 25-yard line, instead of the 2-yard line. That change would make the extra point attempt a 42-yard attempt.

Avid sports fan Anthony Amado isn’t quite sure what to think about the topic. “Increasing the distance of the extra point kick would add a new dynamic to the game. I’m not sure if that would be a good dynamic or not” Amado said.

According to a committee member of the 1,267 extra points kicked last season, only 5 missed the target. The league doesn’t want to give points away. The idea is definitely still only in the theoretical stage.

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Anthony Amado’s Thoughts on New Boston Marathon Policies

Bergen County, NJ -03/03/2014

Since the bombing at the Boston Marathon last year, racers have seen stricter rules and new policies in place at races across the country. For Anthony Amado from New Jersey this has meant being more careful about what comes along in the race bag, as a lot of basic items are now being banned. Some races are handing out clear bags that racers must use for all personal belongings.

The Boston Marathon has taken things a step further this year. Organizers have banned a long list of items for this year’s race including bags (backpacks, etc) and strollers. Containers of liquid larger than 1 liter, costumes that cover the face and bulky clothes like vests with pockets have always been banned.

Organizers have also put an end to unregistered runners and bikers jumping into the race along the route. For Anthony Amado this might be the most disappointing change. “Having the support of others and knowing that anyone can come along for moral support can really be a game changer out there, but that can’t happen this year” Amado explained.

Race organizers stress the changes are for the safety of everyone involved. After what happened last year nobody wants to take any chances.

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Anthony Amado’s Thoughts on Possible U.S Troop Withdrawal

Bergen County, NJ -02/24/2014

The Obama administration announced today that planning has started for the possible withdrawal of all U.S. troops by the end of 2014 if no security agreement can be reached. For U.S. citizens like New Jersey’s Anthony Amado this was welcomed news, if it happens.

There are still more than 33,000 U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan. There has been consistent U.S. military presence in the area since the attacks of 2011. The impact on having the troops finally home on American soil would be very exciting for people who have had family and friends serving, like Anthony Amado.

There is a security agreement that has been negotiated between Afghanistan and the U.S. that would cover a continuing mission after 2014, which would be focused on training Afgan forces and counterterrorism. This agreement hasn’t been signed yet however.

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Anthony Amado Talks about the Possible Minimum Wage Increase

Bergen County, NJ -02/20/2014

Raising the Federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would mean an increase in wages for 28 million workers in this country. That would mean an improved quality of life. For New Jersey resident Anthony Amado, who has seen what living on a minimum wage income means, through experiences volunteering that seems like a no brainer.

However, critics are arguing that raising the minimum wage could also potentially cause the loss of 500,000 jobs.  Job loss would be imminent due to payroll costs going up for employers. However, that could balance out with less turnover and higher productivity if employees are making more money.

One of the key points made by those in favor of increasing the minimum wage is that the increase would potentially bring 900,000 people currently making $7.25 an hour, out of poverty. Anthony Amado that seems like a good enough reason to certainly increase the minimum wage.

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