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Anthony Amado Inspired by Strength of a Dying Girl

12/27/2013 – Anthony Amado, among thousands of others who were touched by the last wish of a young girl. Laney Brown, 8 years old, was stricken with terminal leukemia. Laney’s wish was for country super star Taylor Swift and others to come sing Christmas Carols at Laney’s house.

That is just what happened. On Friday, which was Laney’s birthday, Taylor Swift chatted with Laney on FaceTime. On Saturday night people gathered at Laney’s Pennsylvania home to sing. First there were hundreds of people, soon there were 10,000.

Laney was too weak to come to the window, but could hear the singers outside. Even Santa came to sing to Laney. For Anthony Amado it was beautiful to see someone like Taylor Swift set aside a personal ego agenda to give love and support to a dying young girl. Anthony Amada said everybody should think of others, especially the less fortunate and make it a New Year’s resolution to pay it forward.

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Anthony Amado Still Benefiting from Youth Sports Participation

12/24/2013 – Studies show that kids who participate in youth sports tend to do better in other aspects of life, even as adults. Anthony Amado was active in travelling youth soccer teams and also played in college. As a kid, this taught Anthony how to balance school and sports commitments.

The lessons and values taught to kids in youth sports, transfers in to adult hood as well. Because of participation in youth sports, Anthony Amado knew how to balance college classes, soccer and being active in a business fraternity.

In the present Anthony Amado is now prepared to balance a busy career, family life and time to volunteer in the community. It is said that on average 78.3% of top corporate CEO’s participated in high school or college sports.

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Anthony Amado Uses the Holidays to Reflect on 9/11

12/23/2013 – The holidays are a time for reflecting; on the year past, friends and family who have passed and the coming year. The USA has faced many tragedies that bring forth a time of reflection for a lot of people.

September 11, 2001 is a date that is forever engrained into the memories of people across the world. Even those not directly affected by 9/11 still remember and reflect on the tragedy.

For those that lost family and friends on that fateful day, remembering and reflecting about 9/11 during the holidays is especially timely. Anthony Amado and family members made a special trip to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City every year at Christmas time.

For Anthony Amado a yearly visit to the 9/11 Memorial with family is a vital part of the holiday season. Anthony Amado knew people who lost a spouse or a parent on 9/11. The holiday season is an important time for Anthony Amado to reflect and remember those affected.

For those not directly affected by the events of 9/11, the holidays are still a good time for reflecting and remembering the people that were affected.

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Anthony Amado Alumni of Alpha Kappa PSI Continues to Give

12/23/2013 – Being in a fraternity is more than just parties. A fraternity gives members the opportunity to belong to a group of like-minded individuals. For the members of Alpha Kappa PSI Fraternity, this means those that are seeking a career in the business world.

Fraternities also work together to give back. Developing leadership skills is one of the most important goals of a fraternity. Part of being a leader is helping those that need it. That is what Alpha Kappa PSI Alumni Anthony Amado tries to do. Through donations to organizations such as the Mya Lin Terry Foundation, The Greenwich House, Heartshare Human Services of New York, Hurricane Sandy victims and more, Anthony Amado helps those that need it.

Overcoming the reputation of being all about parties, is just one reason fraternities like Alpha Kappa PSI teach members about the importance of giving back. The fraternity evne has a foundation which distributes grants and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students.

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Philanthropy Is a Way to Give Back for Busy Individuals Like Anthony Amado

12/20/2013 – Getting wrapped up in day-to-day tasks is very easy, especially when those tasks around the busy holiday season and the end of the year. The scenario is all too common for a lot of individuals.

The opportunity to give back to those that really need it is a way that even the busiest of people can help. Volunteering time is very important, but for some, the balance of a busy career and active family life just doesn’t leave extra time for volunteering.

For individuals like Anthony Amado, being able to support organizations financially, has allowed for more than one or two organizations to benefit. If Anthony chose to volunteer instead, the time spent volunteering would only benefit a single organization. Instead, there is a long list of organizations that have and will continue to benefit from donations from Anthony Amado and other individuals in similar situations.

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Anthony Amado Spreads Holiday Cheer with Donation to Greenwich House

12/18/2013 – The holidays are a hard time for those with limited or no resources. Many non-profit organizations step up efforts this time of year to make the holidays a little better for the less fortunate.

Greenwich House in New York is one organization that organizes an annual toy and senior gift drive. The event would not be a success if it weren’t for the generous donations from those that support the organization.

One donor, Anthony Amado of New Jersey donated three children’s toys to the drive. Those interested in donating, like Anthony Amado did, can visit the website, and use the Amazon Wish List to find out what to donate. The annual event would not be a success if generous people, like Anthony Amado did not choose to support the organization.

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Anthony Amado Donated to Mya Lin Terry Foundation

12/17/2013 – Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma accounts for 4% of all cancers. Approximately 69,740 people are diagnosed each year. The cancer is the third most common type of cancer to affect children.

One child affected by Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was Mya Lin Terry. Mya battled the disease for 5 and half years before passing away in April, 2013. Mya’s illness meant huge doctor bills, not to mention the cost of traveling, housing and other expenses that no family can ever begin to plan or recover from. Donors from near and far were able to reach out and support the family due to the popular website, Anthony Amado was one of those donors that gave selflessly to Mya Lin Terry shortly before Mya passed away.

Like many other families of children that had cancer or other serious illness, a foundation was started for Mya Lin Terry. Anthony Amado encourages others to donate to the foundation,, and to those of other children as well.

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Anthony Amado Supports the Arts at “An Evening with CSI”

12/16/2013 – The College of Staten Island (CSI) recently had a fundraising event, “An Evening with CSI”. The goal of the event was to honor two professors at CSI and also raise money to support students, programs at the college and growth.

They could not continue to grow and support all the students without outside support. One of those supporters, business professional Anthony Amado of New Jersey, attended Tuesday’s event to show support of all that CSI does.

Anthony Amado was asked why the College of Staten Island was a worthy recipient of funds. Mr. Amado stated that the teachers and creative minds that educate the youth in creative and performing arts often go unnoticed. College of Staten Island provides to the students a first class education with a touch of class. Anthony Amado stated that it was an honor to have attended Tuesday evening’s event.

The professors honored Tuesday evening were Sylvia Kahan, Professor of Music and Thomas Tellesen, Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Department of Marketing. The event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn-Above Rooftop on Staten Island.

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Anthony Amado Helped Strangers Recover from Hurricane Sandy

12/11/2013 – In October 2012 the east coast of the United States was ravaged by the devastating affects of Hurricane Sandy. Homes and businesses were destroyed. Amidst the destruction, volunteers emerged to help others recover from the super storm.

For many people like Kurt from South Jersey, Hurricane Sandy caused major home damages, resulting in massive cleanup efforts. Kurt put out word to friends for help cleaning up. Friends of Kurt showed up, bringing other friends along as well. Anthony Amado, of New Jersey was one of those friends that showed up to help clean up a stranger’s home.

Carrying mattresses soaked in seawater and sewage is not a fun task, but something that Anthony Amado did selflessly for multiple strangers, following the devastation of Sandy. Anthony also assisted at the home of someone who lived next door to a sewage plant. The water from the plant backed up into the home during the flooding. Anthony Amado spent the day digging through a stranger’s sewage soaked possessions, looking for things that were salvageable.

Kurt, who benefited from the compassion and selflessness of Anthony Amado said: “these selfless acts can only be characteristics of a gentleman of the highest character and my family and I will always be grateful that Anthony Amado is the type of person that would drop everything to help complete strangers. I would put Anthony’s character up against anyone I know”.

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