Anthony Amado on Obama’s Plans for Minimum Wage Increase

Bergen County, NJ -01/28/2014

On the day of historic state of the union address the White House announced that President Obama has plans to issue an executive order that would increase the minimum wage for new federal contract works. The minimum wage would guarantee that no federal worker is paid less than $10.10 an hour. New Jersey resident Anthony Amado is interested to see how this increase would help the economy of New Jersey, which is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama is also trying to increase the nation’s minimum wage, but that legislation is currently stalled in Congress.  An increase in the nation’s minimum wage would be a huge move for the country to help people relying on minimum wage for a living.

Even those earning more than minimum wage, recognize the importance of raising the minimum wage. Anthony Amado agrees that everyone should be making a living wage, and that it is up to the government to make sure that happens for everyone.

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Anthony Amado Talks about 2014 Super Bowl and Pending Winter Weather

Bergen County, NJ -01/24/2014

There is no telling what the weather will do these days. That is something folks on the east coast of the United States know all to well.  Super Storm Sandy was a different beast than what the coast is experiencing lately. Anthony Amado, a resident of New Jersey isn’t sure what to think about what has become the new “normal” for the east coast.

There is a big event happening soon, that might also be affected the recent snow and cold hitting the coast. The 2014 Super Bowl will be held at an uncovered stadium for the first time this year. NFL officials have put in place some contingency plans which allow for the game to be played anytime between Friday January 31 and Monday February 3rd if need be.

New Jersey residents, including Anthony Amado are excited about the event coming to New Jersey. But people are a little concerned what do if the weather causes problems with that many out of state visitors. Security is another issue also facing the Super Bowl and those planning for the event. But for now, everyone will keep an eye on the weather and hope for the best!

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Anthony Amado Talks about Governor Christie Investigation

01/21/2014 - Today marks the first day of the second term for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie faces many hurdles as this new term begins. Multiple investigations into the governor and other political aides are at the forefront of what the Governor has to battle at the start of this term.

The U.S. Attorney and senate committees are looking into reports that Christie’s team may have been involved in some political bullying around the dispersal of Super Storm Sandy funds. There are allegations of political payback scandals as well.

One of the allegations suggests that traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee last year was orchestrated by aides from Christie’s office. Speculation is that the traffic jams were supposed to be punishing the mayor of that town for not endorsing Christie for reelection.

Christie is a potential presidential candidate for 2016. Anthony Amado says that could all change, depending on how the investigations into the allegations come out.  Anthony remains unbiased because until the investigations are complete, there are no facts, everything is just speculation.

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Anthony Amado Competed in Spartan Race

01/20/2014 – Being successful in the business world does help when someone is in top shape mentally and physically. Anthony Amado knows the importance of being in top physical and mental shape and the positive affect it has on work, and life in and outside the office.

Obstacle course races like the Super Spartan race are gaining in popularity across the county. Obstacle course races require extreme mental and physical focus and commitment. The races require more the just running. The races include multiple obstacles that must be completed in a variety of weather and ground conditions, all while being timed as well.

For participants like Anthony Amado, a race like the Spartan race is a huge challenge mentally and physically. The race is also more than that. The extreme mental and physical challenge that comes from the race helps to build character and stamina that can be beneficial in the racers personal and professional lives. For more information about Spartan Races visit

Anthony encourages everyone who has the opportunity to attempt such challenges do so this year in 2014. Having something to work towards by training hard and building up endurance is equivalant to preparing for success. Challening your mind and body and achieving positive results is the foundation to your future as an business owner.

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Anthony Amado Competed in ABF Mud Run for Charity

01/20/2014 - Running races provides athletes with an opportunity to compete, both personally and against others. Some races, known as “mud runs” have been gaining popularity. Mud runs are messy and usually have obstacles along the way. For runners like Anthony Amado the mud runs present a new challenge and are something to help gain confidence and strength.

In July of 2013 Pemberton, New Jersey was home to an ABF Mud Run called the “Restore the Shore 5K ABF Mud Run. Proceeds from that run helped to restore areas of the jersey shore affected by Super Storm Sandy and also to the Wish Upon a Hero fund. Anthony Amado ran this race to be challenged physically and mentally, and also as way to give back to the community.

The Wish Upon a Hero Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants wishes of those in need. The Wish Upon a Hero Foundation is based in Voorhees, New Jersey. Racer Anthony Amado was honored to run a race that not only supported the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation, but also the Restore The Store organization as well. More information about the ABF Mud Run can be found here

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Anthony Amado Talks About Making Changes That Last

01/17/2014 – Making positive changes personally and professionally, that last can be a challenge. Anthony Amado talks about some helpful tips to making 2014 the best year it can be. Small changes can produce big results, so making small goals can help in achieving the bigger goals.

Anthony Amado says first people should focus on a few small “micro-resolutions”, instead of trying to tackle all of the big things at once. For example weight loss. Focus on cutting out soda first, rather than focusing on how many pounds need to go. Another example is if the goal is more clients in 2014, focus on just one marketing tactic, instead of a whole new marketing plan right away.

People react well to success. Anthony Amado points out that bonus of “mico-resolutions” is that the payoff is right away. Seeing success right away will empower people to keep going and make more small goals.

Anthony Amado reminds people that it can take time for any new change to feel comfortable and become routine. It is said that it can take up to 21 days for a new activity to become a habit. The most important thing is not giving up, but staying focused on creating new “micro-resolutions”.

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Anthony Amado Knows the Importance of Staying Motivated

01/07/2014 – Starting out in any career can be challenging. Struggling with new challenges can often be a blow to a person’s self-confidence. Anthony Amado knows that especially as a young businessperson, staying motivated to succeed makes all the difference.

The work force gets more and more competitive each year for college graduates. There are more people each year fighting to fill less and less open positions. It can be easy to feel like giving up is the only option. But those that stay motivated and persevere through the tough first years, will come out much stronger on the other side.

Staying motivated may sound easier than it is though. For Anthony Amado, staying motivated, as a young businessperson was made easier by networking. Networking with colleagues in a similar place career wise was key in Anthony Amado knowing that other people were also fighting the same battle.

Networking with seasoned veterans in the business world is also key to staying motivated. For Anthony Amado networking and connecting with people who had already “been there, done that”, provided inspiration and motivation that success is possible with hard work.

Finding motivation as a young business person and now throughout a busy career led Anthony Amado to motivation speaker Eric Thomas. Motivation speakers can provide insight and thoughts that might otherwise not be viewed as helpful. More information about Eric Thomas can be found at

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Anthony Amado Speaks on the Importance of Networking and Self-Motivation

01/03/2014 – In planning a future as an entrepreneur one must seek the guidance and know how from older more experienced successful people. Make it the goal to be around positive, motivated, like-minded people. Anthony Amado says it is only then that a person’s outlook will be just that, “positive”. The phrase “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” is a bold statement that stands the test of time.

If the goals in life are to get ahead financially then focus time in connecting with financially motivated individuals. If someone is successful then finding others who are also successful is a benefit, “birds of a feather flock together”.

When someone rubs shoulders with and works with positive entrepreneurs it can give that person the confidence to succeed. Utilize surroundings, a network, and friend’s partners to lay the foundation towards achieving those goals.

All of this is easier said then done unless there is strong self-motivation. Some people are easily motivated while others find themselves constantly second-guessing their intuitions. Anthony Amado reminds people that having the strength at all costs to stay focused and motivated could seem exhausting but to achieve greatness requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Connect, engage, inspire, empower are the strategic principals behind successful men and women. Apply the four in the every day quest to reach goals and people inspire and educate others to do the same.

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The Importance of Having a Business Mentor Like Anthony Amado

01/03/2014 – As a budding young entrepreneur, having a mentor can mean the difference in success or failure. The guidance, knowledge and experience a mentor can provide are invaluable. A young business professional Anthony Amado was lucky enough to have mentors that guided him and passed down wisdom and knowledge.

Starting out, Anthony Amado was lucky enough to have a successful business mentor, as a young businessman. James Kirkos, the president of the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce in Bergen County, New Jersey guided Anthony Amado in the early days.

From James, Anthony Amado learned the importance of self-motivation, networking and hard work. As an accomplished businessman now, Anthony Amado is in the position to be a mentor to other young businessman. A recent August publication from Meadowlands USA points out the key characteristics to establishing a healthy network foundation for growth and success. From Anthony someone could learn to Connect, engage, inspire, and empower, as those are the strategic principals behind successful men and women.

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Anthony Amado Knows the Importance of Networking

01/03/2014 – For business professionals networking is the key to success. Anthony Amado knows this from experience. Networking with the right people can make all the difference when it comes to important business growth.

With the technology available today, business professionals like Anthony Amado don’t even have to leave the office to make powerful business contacts. Social networking sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more make it possible to connect with colleagues in the same city or across the globe.

There are also networking groups that professionals can join, that help facilitate the networking process. This can be especially helpful for people just starting careers and looking to make important contacts. Organizations like Business Networking International (BNI) or Meetup- which provides a forum for groups in big and small cities to organize meetings, are just a couple of organizations available to help business professionals like Anthony Amado network.

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