Philanthropy Is a Way to Give Back for Busy Individuals Like Anthony Amado

12/20/2013 – Getting wrapped up in day-to-day tasks is very easy, especially when those tasks around the busy holiday season and the end of the year. The scenario is all too common for a lot of individuals.

The opportunity to give back to those that really need it is a way that even the busiest of people can help. Volunteering time is very important, but for some, the balance of a busy career and active family life just doesn’t leave extra time for volunteering.

For individuals like Anthony Amado, being able to support organizations financially, has allowed for more than one or two organizations to benefit. If Anthony chose to volunteer instead, the time spent volunteering would only benefit a single organization. Instead, there is a long list of organizations that have and will continue to benefit from donations from Anthony Amado and other individuals in similar situations.

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