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Anthony Amado Talks about HeartBleed

Bergen County, NJ -04/25/2014

Internet users still aren’t safe from Heartbleed, the Internet security attack that became public knowledge a few weeks ago. Many companies are just finally securing products. “I have changed all my passwords and now people are telling me I need to change them again, that’s crazy”, says Anthony Amado.

Web security is something a lot of people take for granted. Sending private information across the Internet such as credit card and social security numbers is second nature now. “I don’t even think about it anymore. I just type the info in and send it off” says the business savvy Internet user Anthony Amado.

A new Internet security flaw named “Heartbleed” is potentially compromising secure data for hundreds of thousands of users. Researchers in Finland found the bug recently and think it may have been active for the past two years. “Heartbleed” would allow for hackers to mimic popular websites such as Google and Facebook, stealing users accounts and personal information.

Major sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and more have already made upgrades to systems to block out the flaw.

Researchers say “Individuals should update their passwords across the various Web pages they use, but only once they have confirmed a site has already taken the proper measures to address Heartbleed. If they don’t and that site is still at risk, the new password could also be compromised. Many sites will also likely send e-mails instructing customers to update passwords if necessary.”

“The Internet is incredibly helpful and beneficial, but also scary” says Anthony Amado.

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Anthony Amado Talks about the Upcoming World Cup

Bergen County, NJ -04/24/2014

Still 50 days away, this year’s World Cup Soccer tournament is sure to be an event not to miss. “It only happens ever four years! If I could be there in person I totally would” says avid soccer fan Anthony Amado. The World Cup this year will be in Brazil.

Brazil hasn’t hosted the World Cup since 1954. This year is sure to be a spectacle. While “football” didn’t get its start in Brazil, Brazilians are known for a love and skill of the sport. Brazil remodeled or built new stadiums for a total of 5 new playing arenas. “An entire month of watching soccer! It’s so hard to get anything else done, but a guy has to work!” says Anthony Amado.

With the price of international travel a bit more than most can afford, many like Anthony Amado from New Jersey, will be watching the World Cup from the comfort of home. But like the Super Bowl, many will gather with friends and fans alike to cheer on the team of choice!

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Anthony Amado Remembers the Boston Marathon Bombings

Bergen County, NJ -04/15/2014

Thousands of people are gathering today in Boston to remember the three lives lost, and the countless number of people injured, a year ago in the horrific bombings that took place during the Boston Marathon. Anthony Amado of New Jersey remembers being at work and hearing the news of the bombings one year ago.

“We would never wish the devastation and pain we have experienced on any of you,” said Patrick Downes, who was among the many injured in the twin bombings at last year’s Boston Marathon. “However, we do wish that all of you, at some point in your lives, feel as loved as we have felt this last year. It has been the most humbling experience of our lives. We hope you feel all the emotion we feel when we say ‘thank you.’”

Patrick Downes had just gotten married prior to the marathon last year. Both Patrick and his wife lost a leg in the bombings.

Anthony Amado of New Jersey had many friends and family who were either running or spectating the marathon last year. “I was terrified when I heard the news. I was blessed to not have anyone close to me injured. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected” said Anthony Amado.

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Anthony Amado Attended the 2014 HeartShare Spring Gala

Bergen County, NJ -04/11/2014

Giving back is the best thing people can do. For organizations like HeartShare being able to give back to people right in the same community is even better. HeartShare helps children in need. HeartShare couldn’t keep helping children without the generous support of donors like Anthony Amado.

HeartShare held the annual Spring Gala and Auction in New York City on March 27th. This year’s gala was also a celebration of the organization’s centennial anniversary. Long time donor Anthony Amado was glad to attend the event again this year.

The event brought together celebrities like “The Sopranos” actor Dan Grimaldi and MLB Network Host Sam Ryan. Anthony Amado of New Jersey who attended the event, was happy to see so many celebrities taking time to attend the event.

HeartShare of New York raised over $700,000 at the event. The Spring Gala and Auction directly benefits HeartShare’s programs that serve almost 29,000 New Yorkers in need.

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Anthony Amado Expresses Condolences for Fort Hood

Bergen County, NJ -04/03/2014

“There was another shooting”. That phrase is one that is said all too often by newscasters these days. Another shooting at the military base Fort Hood brings up many questions says Anthony Amado.

School shootings bring up a whole set of questions and discussions. Are kids playing too many violent video games? What can be done to stop bullying? Shootings involving adults, more specifically those committed by trained military personnel bring up a whole other set of questions and discussion.

“What type of support, testing, treatment is being provided for soldiers returning from combat”? Anthony Amado asks. New recruits go through extensive basic training, followed by specialized training before deployment. But what about when those same men and women return home?

Combat is gruesome, exhausting and life changing. However there are is little to be done to help the men and women, and the families waiting at home to adjust to life back home. Maybe that is in an area that needs some evaluating. Maybe changing the process for servicemen and women upon arrival home would change the gun violence being seen on military bases.

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Anthony Amado Talks About The Future for Tiger Woods

Bergen County, NJ -04/02/2014

Professional golfer Tiger Woods will be missing the Masters tournament for the first time since the golfer went pro in 1996. Wood’s is missing the tournament this year due to recent surgery for a pinched nerve. Golf fans like Anthony Amado wonder what this means for Wood’s career.

A golfer tends to have a longer career than other professional athletes. But to miss a major tournament, especially as an “older” player, could be detrimental to the rest of Tiger’s career. Having won 11 majors since starting out, Tiger has been without a major’s win in the past six years.

Reporters asked Wood’s what the future will hold and Tiger had this to say: “I’m not going to beat Arnold’s record,” Woods insisted, drawing laughter from the media. “I’m not playing that long. You know me. I always want to win. So if I can’t win, why tee it up?”.

Time will tell what the future will look like for golf pro Tiger Woods. As for this year, the Master’s are out of the picture.

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods. Photo from CNN.com

Anthony Amado Chimes in About March Madness

Bergen County, NJ -03/21/2014

It’s March and that can only mean one thing. Okay, two, St. Patrick’s Day and basketball. For sports fans, the second best thing to the Super Bowl is the NCAA basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness. For Anthony Amado and other sports fans, it’s away to enjoy the excitement of the tournament and be involved.

Part of the fun for fans is the brackets. Fans can simply print out an empty bracket and fill in which teams he or she thinks will win, all the way down to the championship game. There are contests, bets, ands prizes for those who predict the winner.

“The filling out of brackets, watching the game, the food, as all become a tradition for me and my friends”. Says Anthony Amado of New Jersey. “It’s a way to kick back and enjoy the games together”.

Even President Barack Obama gets in on the fun. Obama fills out a bracket every year as well. The President was close to predicting the tournament champion a few years ago.

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Anthony Amado Talks about Finding a Doctor With An Obamacare Plan

Bergen County, NJ -03/20/2014

For a lot of people Obamacare means finally having access to reasonably priced health coverage. But for many people that coverage also means not having a choice of medical provider. Anthony Amado has heard stories of people that have to travel long distances to see a doctor that fits the plan.

Having affordable health insurance is great, but is it really a benefit to people who have to drive hours to see a doctor? What are people supposed to do in a an emergency situation if the nearest doctor on the plan is over an hour away?

Many people are finding that the penalty fee for not having insurance, is cheaper than a monthly insurance premium, so are opting to pay the fee instead. Anthony Amado from New Jersey found the online marketplace easy to navigate, but was a bit disappointed with the choices in plans. Luckily for Anthony Amado, living in a large city means having access to a doctor within the plans limitations.

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Anthony Amado’s Opinion on the Use of iPhones at the Sochi Games

Bergen County, NJ -02/07/2014

Yesterday news media was reporting that Samsung had asked Olympic athletes to cover up logos on competitor’s devices during the opening ceremonies, as Samsung is a major sponsor of the games and gifted all athletes a free Galaxy Note 3 smartphone in gift bags.  Apple fan Anthony Amado read this news yesterday and did not think it was fair of Samsung to require this of athletes, especially when the Samsung phones are a gift.

Today, an Olympic spokesperson said the reports were not true. Athletes are allowed to use any device during the opening ceremonies. “The Samsung Note 3 that were distributed are a gift to the athletes, so they can capture and share their experiences at the Games, and the phones also contain important competition and logistical information for competing athletes.” (Source- Macrumors).

Apple fans like Anthony Amado was glad to hear that athletes are allowed to use the popular iPhone during the games. However, it should be noted that Olympic athletes are banned from mentioning any non-sponsor products during the games, including on social media and clothing. It is possible that Samsung requested other logos be covered, but it is not a rule of the IOC and not something athletes would be punished for.

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Anthony Amado’s Opinion of the Accommodations in Sochi

Bergen County, NJ -02/07/2014

There is a lot of media hype surrounding the conditions of the accommodations in Sochi, where the 2014 Olympics are set to kick off tonight with opening ceremonies. Anthony Amado has been following the news the past couple of days and heard the accounts of the supposed hotels not finished.

News media arriving in Sochi ahead of the start of the games were greeted by yellow water, missing doorknobs and signs saying not to flush toilet paper, but rather to throw it away. An entirely new “city” was built from the ground up in order to accommodate all of the athletes and visitors to the Russian city.

Russian officials have been denying the reports of incomplete hotels and accommodations. “We’ve put 100,000 guests in rooms and only gotten 103 registered complaints and every one of those is being taken care of,” he said. (It wasn’t clear what Mr. Kozak was counting as a registered complaint). (Source- CNN).

For those not at the games, the media’s portrayal of what the situation is like is all people have to go by. For New Jersey native Anthony Amado, is raises some questions as to why accommodations are lacking and what that means for other more serious parts of the games, like security. 

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