The Importance of Having a Business Mentor Like Anthony Amado

01/03/2014 – As a budding young entrepreneur, having a mentor can mean the difference in success or failure. The guidance, knowledge and experience a mentor can provide are invaluable. A young business professional Anthony Amado was lucky enough to have mentors that guided him and passed down wisdom and knowledge.

Starting out, Anthony Amado was lucky enough to have a successful business mentor, as a young businessman. James Kirkos, the president of the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce in Bergen County, New Jersey guided Anthony Amado in the early days.

From James, Anthony Amado learned the importance of self-motivation, networking and hard work. As an accomplished businessman now, Anthony Amado is in the position to be a mentor to other young businessman. A recent August publication from Meadowlands USA points out the key characteristics to establishing a healthy network foundation for growth and success. From Anthony someone could learn to Connect, engage, inspire, and empower, as those are the strategic principals behind successful men and women.

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